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Stomach Reduction

Stomach reduction of the leading experts in Turkey, Antalya. All-Inclusive stay, Transfer, accompanying person, nutrition counseling and personal, all-Round support in the German language. 


Tummy Tuck

Wir begleiten Sie mit persönlicher Betreuung auf Ihrer Reise zu Ihrer Wunschfigur. Von der Vorbereitung bis zur Nachsorge und mit einem günstigen All-Inclusive-Paket. 

Breast Surgery

Breast SURGERY by experienced plastic surgeons in Turkey (Antalya). All-Inclusive package complete with treatment, accommodation, Transfers and personal, English speaking support.



Your healthier Self begins here

A new, healthy life can start section. We are ready to accompany you on this path professionally and competently.

At our medical centre in Antalya, Turkey, we combine medical expertise and comprehensive care for our patients. Every day, people trust our qualified team of doctors who routinely perform successful gastric sleeve, gastric bypass and gastric balloon surgeries. For us, every single operation is more than just a medical procedure - it is a significant step on your journey to a healthier life.

We know that the path to sustainable health and well-being can be challenging. That's why we offer you more than just the surgical intervention: nutrition advice, planning of accommodation and travel, interpreters, and holistic care are an integral part of our company.



Als renommiertes Dienstleistungs-Unternehmen sind wir Lizensiert und unter ständiger Kontrolle des Gesundheitsministeriums der Türkei.  Von unserem Sitz in Antalya und Standorten in Deutschland und Großbritannien aus planen und organisieren wir Ihre medizinische Reise mit größter Sorgfalt und Engagement. 

Our experienced team uses its wide network of selected hospitals, clinics and specialists to offer you a tailor-made medical journey. We work with the leading experts in the field of stomach reductions and plastic surgeons. As a result, we offer medical expertise and standards that meet or exceed international standards, as the surgeons have exceptional routine and experience based on the large number of surgeries they have performed.

With our professional planning and personal and family care, we ensure an optimal travel experience that takes into account your exact needs and health goals.

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